Echo Layla Working in Ubuntu Linux

The Echo pro audio products are great. I’ve been using an Echo Layla 24/96 since about 2002. I primarily do my recording with 64Studio, but I like to listen to music while I work on programming in Ubuntu.

I haven’t had problems getting it working in most versions of Linux for the last few years. Easiest install was recognized right off the bat by Mandriva. My memory doesn’t serve me too well, but 64Studio works flawlessly with record low latencies.

But it didn’t’ work right out of the box with Ubuntu, and that’s no big deal. Finding out how to get it to work was tougher. Lot’s of people complaining that Linux doesn’t “just work.” Well, when I installed Layla on Windows it didn’t just work either, I had to install a driver. Fortunately in Linux the driver is already included. What’s missing is the mixer and firmware.

It’s too bad but there are many solutions out there including compiling ALSA from scratch. But the solution I found over at the Echo forums was much, much simpler. Here’s the excerpt from I want to use Layla 3g in Ubuntu

1) Add the Medibuntu ( repository to your software sources.
2) Install the alsa-firmware package to get the drivers.
3) Install alsa-tools-gui package to get echomixer (a mixer for Echo Audio cards).
4) If you’re using PulseAudio you need to manually add it to your /etc/pulse/ file *.
5) Reboot & enjoy high quality sound.

And that worked for me. Make sure after you reboot to have your volume down low on your speakers, then after it starts up load the echomixer program from your Sound menu, and adjust it properly.

No problem. You should have your Echo Layla, Layla24, and possibly 3g, Mia, Gina and other Echo pro audio cards working in Linux.